Professional Landscape Designers

Our professional landscape designers are experienced at designing a landscape to fit almost any criteria

Smart Ecological Designs

The design team at Greener Environments is highly skilled, educated, and experienced at designing a landscape to fit almost any criteria. With our extensive knowledge of plants, climate specifications, soil conditions, and the latest in sustainable landscaping techniques, we can design a landscape that will not only blend in with the natural environment, but thrive and flourish and bring lasting beauty to any garden space.


Our Design Process

The design process begins with an in-depth consultation with a Greener Environments designer. The designer will ask detailed questions about colors, plants, themes, shapes, how you use your space, and more to be sure that your design is custom tailored to fit your needs and objectives.

After the consultation, the designer will get to work on drafting your landscape plan. They use the information that was obtained during the consultation, along with their expertise and artistry, to create a fully thought out design for your new outdoor space.

During this time, we will continue to work closely with you as the designer creates a beautiful customized plan for your landscaping project. The design process really is all about you and about bringing your vision to reality.

The completed design includes the landscape plans, plant list, and a scope of work document that details the specifications and steps necessary for the landscape installation. Our goal is to guide you through this process and to deliver plans that will be the framework for a successful, well-built, professionally designed landscape.

3-D Custom Designs

As an optional add-on to our landscape design package, we offer conceptual 3-D digital modeling of your landscape. The 3-D model includes realistic representations of plants, walkways, patios, seating areas, lighting, and more. This option enables you to have a virtual walk through of the designed landscape to get a realistic view of what your transformed space will look and feel like. With a 3-D design, you will be able to clearly visualize what your landscape will look like from multiple angles and viewpoints.

Landscape Design

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