Natural Landscaping

Natural landscaping uses native plants to add natural beauty to your property

Water-Wise, Colorful, & Low Maintenance

Natural landscaping is a way of designing and installing landscapes that are inspired by our native ecosystems. By using native plants, sustainable landscaping techniques, and practical design, natural landscapes need very little water or maintenance. We are fortunate to live on the Central Coast, where we have an abundance of lovely native plants that are perfectly adapted to our climate and soils. These plants can be used in many styles of natural landscaping. From low water grasses to flowering shrubs and trees, the variety of native plants to choose from means you can have a diverse, natural garden filled with a variety of colors and textures.

Natural Landscaping Benefits


Natural landscapes are extremely drought tolerant

California natives can be used in any style landscape

Attract beneficial insects, butterflies, and hummingbirds

Colorful and fragrant flowers enhance your landscaping

Native landscaping results in drought-tolerant gardens

Thank You for Landscaping Responsibly!

Natural landscaping and native gardens are not only beautiful, they are also an environmentally friendly choice. California natives are adapted to our dry climate, so even in the most severe droughts, they still need very little water. Natives also require less maintenance. This reduces the amount of fertilizers, pesticides, and gas powered equipment that are used. Native gardens also provide habitat for beneficial species of insects, birds, and other wildlife that depend on native plants for their survival. By including this habitat in your landscaping, you are directly benefiting our natural ecosystems.

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