Lawn and Turf Removal


Meet the New California Yard

Relax and entertain in a diverse garden filled with vibrant colors, textures, and enticing smells. With a dry climate and mandatory watering restrictions, there’s never been a better time to convert your lawn into drought tolerant landscaping.


Lawn Conversion Benefits

Smart ecological designs qualify for lawn removal rebates and decrease ongoing maintenance.

Water-wise landscaping can lower your water bill by 75% or more.

Custom landscaping means your outdoor space will be perfectly suited for your home and lifestyle.

Enhance curb appeal and increase your quality of life.

Native and California friendly plants make watering restrictions a joke.

Enjoy a lush and healthy yard no matter which season it is.

Water Conservation Starts Here

On average, a small 1,000 square foot lawn uses between 50,000 and 75,000 gallons of water per year. A landscape filled with native or climate adapted plants uses just a fraction of that. We live in a dry climate that is not meant for growing turf grass. To keep it green, an extraordinary amount of water has to be used. In California, we must do all we can to conserve our fresh water supplies. Removing your lawn is a great place to start!

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