SLO Backyard Dream

We overhauled this entire space to be a complete outdoor living area for our clients to relax in, grow food, and entertain guests. (14 photos, 1 video)

Coastal Hillside Garden

This front yard was converted into a low maintenance, nature inspired garden with large boulders and a stone stairway. (14 photos, 1 video)

La Luna Oasis

This front yard in SLO was transformed from a dead lawn to an eco-friendly oasis with a patio, freestanding sitting wall, flagstone pathway, water-wise plants, and passive rainwater catchment. (16 photos, 1 video)

Cordova Drive Water-Wise Makeover

Tired of using so much water for irrigation, our clients wanted to remove their lawn and replace it with a low water use, easy to maintain garden. (7 photos, 1 video)

Los Osos Backyard Retreat

This landscape was transformed from weeds and grass into a peaceful backyard retreat. (12 photos, 1 video)

From Lawn to Veggie Garden

Instead of a lawn, why not grow fresh food for your family? That’s what this client wanted to do, so we removed the turf and built raised beds for vegetables. (4 photos, 1 video)

Los Osos Rain Garden

This Los Osos front yard was transformed from weeds and sand into a water saving rain garden. (7 photos, 1 video)

Morro Bay Front Yard Revitalization

This Morro Bay yard needed some new life. Our Client wanted a new flagstone pathway and water-wise plantings. (3 photos, 1 video)

Artisan Stonework

Artisan stonework compliments your plantings and can serve multiple purposes within the landscape. We build patios, creek beds, retaining walls, and pathways to stand the test of time and to meet your specific needs. (8 photos)

Native and Water-Wise Plants

With so many native and well adapted plants, it’s easy to have a vibrant and diverse garden even in our dry climate. (15 Photos)

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