Environmental Responsibility

At Greener Environments, we view our business as a tool for helping our communities advance towards a more sustainable future. Rather than just talking about it, we put our money where our mouth is by directly contributing to environmental progress. Social and environmental responsibility is more important to us than our bottom line.

Environmental Responsibility

Voluntary Carbon Tax


We’ll be the first to admit, our trucks and equipment are anything but fuel efficient. They use a lot of fossil fuels and add pollution to the air. Unfortunately, there are currently no fuel efficient trucks or machinery available that would meet the demands of landscaping operations. While the carbon sequestration and water conservation benefits of the landscapes we build more than offsets the environmental harm of our equipment, we decided to take it one step further.

Greener Environments is the first ever landscaping company to institute a voluntary carbon tax on all of it’s operations. The carbon tax is calculated monthly at a rate of $25 per ton of CO2 emitted during our operations. This money is taken directly off our profits, which means the cost is not passed on to our customers.

Each year, the funds generated from the carbon tax are donated to a local environmental organization or are used to donate environmentally friendly landscaping to a non profit, school, or public space.

Current Carbon Tax for 2017



What started as a simple pledge to donate $1,000 every year to a local environmental organization turned into a full fledged giving program for us and other local businesses. 1K4SLO was started by Luke and Melody Huskey of Greener Environments with a simple mission – get SLO County businesses to pledge just $1,000 per year to a local nonprofit or charity organization that is doing great work to help our community.

$1,000 is an easy amount for almost any business to pledge each year. This makes the program very accessible for other companies that want to show their support for the Central Coast.

Instead of just focusing on what we at Greener Environments could do, we decided to empower others to follow suit. This makes our impact exponentially greater. We think about it like this – if even 100 businesses are pledging 1K, that’s $100,000 that is being funneled into local nonprofits every single year. Whether the organization is focused on the environment, homelessness, animal care, health, education, or anything else – they can use these funds to work towards their mission.

Learn more about this program at 1K4SLO.org.


1K4SLO logo image.

Volunteer Days


As landscapers, we like to get outside and take a more hands-on approach to giving. Our Volunteer Days initiative mandates at least one company wide volunteer day every season. Our volunteer days are a chance for us all to come together and spend a day working for the Central Coast.

Volunteer days include work such as invasive species eradication, litter clean up, rainwater harvesting system installation, sustainable projects for schools, and much more.

Community involvement in our volunteer days is highly encouraged. If you’d like to spend some time helping at a volunteer day, feel free to contact us or check our events page. We’d love to work with you to support our local environment!


Greener Environments doing volunteer work for San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden

Sustainable Landscaping Workshops


Greener Environments presents free workshops for homeowners who want to learn more about sustainable landscaping. This is another way for us to give back to the community and to protect our local ecosystems from harmful practices used in traditional landscaping.

Whether someone will be doing their own landscaping or hiring a company for the job, these workshops are a great opportunity to learn a more ecological approach to landscape design and construction.

Head over to our events page to find an upcoming workshop.


GREEN Landscapes Initiative


The GREEN Landscapes Initiative is a Greener Environments program that aims to help educate, implement, and certify landscaping that is beneficial to our ecosystems. The program is based off specific criteria that can be followed to ensure a landscape is built with regard for the environment.

We teach workshops for GREEN Landscapes and help people with implementing their own GREEN Landscape. As a way to show their support and commitment to environmental stewardship, homeowners and businesses that have installed this type of landscaping can become GREEN Landscapes Certified.

Go to our GREEN Landscapes Initiative page to learn more.

GREEN Landscapes Initiative placard

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